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Thank you for stopping by to read my Brandfy review!

Are you tired of losing money to find the right high converting graphics for branding, social media, videos or ad banners ?

If you said “Yes”, it means Brandfy is the RIGHT product that you are looking for.

Brandfy is a new cloud technology but simple to use graphics software that helps anyone, especially the newbies, to create stunning graphics with professionalism in minutes.

Brandfy is the perfect platform for graphics creation. With Brandfy anyone cand be a graphic designer.

You can access it any time and it comes with the most amazing features that allows your imagination to be free and to create a perfect and authentic graphic, for you, your business or your clients.

With Brandfy you have any design you need for your website or social media, video, ads and many more, at your fingers.Moreover, there are ready-to-use templates for quick and stunning results. These templates can be used and also modified according to your own wishes.

Let’s find out if Brandfy platform will be also a useful tool for the most sofisticated way to make money online!

 Since you have started to be curious, do not think twice to take a look at my Brandfy Review to learn more details.

Brandfy Review Outline

Product: Brandfy

Vendor:  Marian Rusu

Category:  Social Graphic Cloud Based Software

Price:  $27

Built For:  List Builders, Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, eCom Marketers, Service Providers, Local Business Owners, Trainers/Coaches, Digital Product Creators, Freelancers, Dropshippers etc.

Outline:  Brandfy is based on a new Cloud technology that helps easily create high converting graphics for branding, social media, videos, ad banners and e-commerce faster then ever!

Rating:  90/100

Approved:  Yes

Graphics. Why are they so significant for your business?

​It is known that graphics has a huge influence on your website, youtube channel, or social pages to attract traffic.

Without graphics, your marketing strategy will be dead in the water.

How do you create graphics for your social media posts, ads banners, logos, your website images, video thumbnails etc? Now with Brandfy, you can design game changing graphics. You can do everything to generate top-class graphics for your business. It is testified and proven software that fits all levels of users. And that’s why Brandfy will boosts your business’s appearance.

Introducing Brandfy!

Brandfy is a powerful designing software tool that allows you to create your own graphics with just a few clicks.

Brandfy comes with many pre-made template for you to use; also you have the option to select- Live Builder where you can play with your imagination to create unique and realistic graphics.

Brandfy can also be used as a very powerful tool for making money. If you are in love with graphics and do you want to spend more time doing logos, business cards, banners, product presentations, Brandfy is the gift that suits you better.

How does Brandfy work?

It’s SO EASY! You can do it in Just 3 Simple Steps!

– Select Live Builder or Use Templates (If you choose Templates – there different types of ready-to-use templates and you can customise according to your needs. If you choose Live Builder you can create that graphic that you want from scratch and you have all the package you need, like a professional graphic designer)

– Add text and customise it

– Choose or upload image/choose icon, then customise them

– Download the graphic created with just one click

After you made these steps, your graphic is done and now it’s ready to use, as easy as you can see.

Brandfy Key Features 

– Professional Templates.

Brandfy is packed with a variety of built-in templates that are ready-to-use. The templates centre around numerous hot niches that guarantee you the highest conversion and traffic possible.

– Sophisticated Customising Tools.

You can upload and edit your own SWG files right on its interface. Brandfy offers you some gorgeous backgrounds which can have different colours, depending on your needs. Also, these images can be customised due to image filters such as: Grayscale, Invert, RemoveWhite, Sepia, Sepia2, Blur, Emboss.

Layer transparent images with coloured shapes and backgrounds for great effects and superior design, or combine transparency with photo filters to create plenty of new looks.

Moreover, you can add the icon you consider it being the right one, because there are a lot. You have the chance to choose that good icon from one of these following categories: Arrows, Business, Dialogue, Emoticons, Security, Sports. Use icons with the fresh fonts to create signage, letterhead, logos, business cards, and more!

– Easy-to-use, Efficient and Quick.

This is the feature I love most of all. Why? Because it makes me feel like I’m in a fun and educational game for kids.

Brandfy is like a toy for a child. It is a professional software, but very easy to use.

Although there are guidance tutorials, the platform itself shows you exactly where, how and what you can do with it. There is nothing complicated and yet the results are amazing.

Matching the colours as you feel and using the complete professional package that Brandfy offers you, you will be able to create impressive graphics just like a professional designer.

You do not have to believe me!Test it and convince yourself how good and easy to use Brandfy is!

– Rotation Effects Live.

Rotate your images in real time to find the perfect position.Whether you tilted a bit too much when you took your snapshot, or scanned a photo at a slight angle, use our live rotate tool to straighten any image.

With Brandfy you can watch the rotation effects live and you can make sure every image is lined up and on point.

Try Brandfy now!

All of us are looking for training materials when using a product. No worries! Training videos are provided. You also can always refer to the website or watch them right here:

Things I Like And I Don’t Like About Brandfy


  • You can create unlimited amount of graphics
  • No design skills or creativity needed
  • Save time, money and efforts
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • One Time Investment  – No Monthly or Yearly Fees
  • Cloud-based user-friendly software platform
  • Get more traffic from your visual content
  • High-quality and easy-to-use
  • No expensive designers or unreliable freelancers involved


  • Brandfy also offers a Pro version with more pro backgrounds and elements  and templates are available for you every month.You might be overwhelmed by too many possibilities to choose from.
  • Fast internet connection is required


I wish you considered this Brandfy review to be beneficial as I applied a great deal of time and effort into it, however if I didn’t address a concern you have, feel free to comment under this review, and I will provide you with the most effective response I can. 

Summarising everything said above with Brandfy you can create the coolest graphics as you wish, starting from scratch, but having everything available like the greatest graphic designer.

The best way to convince yourself that Brandfy is so marvellous, is to simply buy it now at a Special Launch Price for just one time payment and enjoy the combination of simplicity and professionalism combined in an authentic way.

Try Brandfy Here!

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