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Are you ready to discover how to rank on page 1 in 60 seconds on Google and/or YouTube.

Get a huge load of targeted visitors and this sort of result without knowing any SEO, building backlinks and without going through spending more money?

Would you like to rank your page without having to figure out the exact components important to repeat page one rankings?

Or transfer a great many recordings to sort out all the ranking elements, and all the triggers and signals Google and YouTube request you contemplate when ranking recordings?

Assuming this is the case, let me introduce Videly to you, and together we discover how it works!

Key  Features:

  • Reverse Engineers Google & YouTube Ranking System
  • Finds untapped, buyer keywords that can easy be exploited
  • Gets you ranked thanks to perfect SEO optimized Titles, Desc & Tags
  • Works in any language, and in any NICHE!
  • Drives 100% Free visitors from Google & YouTube
  • Tap Into The Massive Potential Of SEO Without Actually Knowing SEO





Ease of Use


What Is Videly? Learn All About It In My Videly Review

Videly is a software that is able to find untapped buyer keywords and get you top ranking by clicking a few buttons.

It helps to find untapped, buyer keywords that can easy be exploited and generate perfectly SEO optimized titles, descriptions and tags. 

You literally will be able to quickly learn how to rank on page 1 in 60 seconds on Google and/or YouTube.

Videly drives 100% free visitors from Google and YouTube and taps into the massive potential of SEO without actually knowing SEO, and it is 100% Google and YouTube friendly!

In this Videly review you will learn some essential facts about SEO and how Videly helps creators and marketers to rank their content on Google, YouTube and other search engines. 

Before Videly was discovered, there were several processes that are being done to have hundreds and thousands of high-quality backlinks and monitor them daily to know whether you are sitting in the ranking.

Previously and in traditional targeting and aiming for page rank, the process will take time in figuring out exactly what the Google algorithm likes and doesn’t like when it comes to ranking videos, of exactly how many times you should repeat the main keyword in the title.

In the traditional way, there will be so many efforts to research many related keywords should you use in your description, how many views, social signals, subscribers, and 50 other factors.

And after years of hard work, Big data analysis, blood, sweat and tears, everything is accomplished by doing the reverse engineering in the ranking system.

The pattern shows the most significant ranking component that YouTube is taking in computation for ranking recordings.

One can explore the construction physically, yet it will take hours to advance ONE single video that should be possible through Videly in just very few steps.

Who Created Videly?

Videly was created by Vlad and Stoika – respectable marketers, also creators of highly acclaimed  online voice-over software Speechelo.

Regardless of its discretion, Videly software can be trusted since there are many relevant reviews of its successes on many websites.

Videly works in any language, and in any niche! The only thing to do is have some keywords to be researched and ranked for any foreign language.

Also, it was emphasized that ranking in foreign languages is even easier!

How To Rank On Page 1 In 60 Seconds with Videly

Videly software only gives you three (3) steps to follow to get your aimed results.

The first step is to Find Untapped Keywords. It means that Videly will analyze all the keywords targeted by your competitors and show you the keywords that they are using to get the most visitors. ​

Videly will tell you how many Competitors, how many monthly searches there are for every keyword, and how hard or easy it will be to rank for those keywords.

Second is Autopilot SEO Optimization. With this step, Videly will analyze your competitors, identify all the weak points in their videos and will automatically do something about them.

This software will also give you a perfectly balanced combination of titles, descriptions and tags that will get you top rankings!

Lastly, you just have to upload your new video or update your existing videos title, description and tags on YouTube and watch the views flooding your offers!

Videly Training

Videly has some excellent detailed training videos that will guide you throughout the best strategies for choosing the effective keywords that will allow you to accomplish high-ranking pages.

This feature can be located in the top menu bar under ‘Training’ pane.

Make certain you get them most of these videos to lead you to the best conceivable kickoff in keyword research and SEO as a whole.

Following Videly training videos you will definitely learn how to rank on page 1 in 60 seconds on YouTube and Google with this unique software. 

The Cost of Videly

Videly is a pretty sensibly priced and incredibly beneficial resource. . You will be impressed how much use you can obtain out of it.

There are no monthly fees, no hidden fees for Videly.

It cost only $47 for the standard version.

If you need to upgrade to Videly Pro, it will cost $47 every quarter.

As owner of Videly Pro you can also use it to search your competitors keywords to allow you to fully grasp keyword research and its maximum potential.

Things I Like And I Don’t Like About Videly


  • Helps your website achieve more views and more viewers
  • Saves you time than traditional targeting
  • Help you engaged with more subscribers
  • Get more leads and sales
  • Works on both Mac and PC
  • No other tools are required
  • Excellent training how to rank on page 1 in 60 seconds on Google and/or YouTube
  • No hidden costs
  • No download needed
  • Online program you can log into, on any computer or smartphone
  •  Great support
  • FULL 30-Days money back guarantee


  • You need a stable internet access for this software to wrok
  • Results may vary


Nowadays, it is very much easy to create videos given there are already many softwares and tools to be used over the internet without having technical or design skills.

Some of them can be used both in mobile or desktop computers which are more convenient to marketers. Making such videos can also be found inside the member area of Videly.

These videos can be used to get top rankings and drive visitors to your website or affiliate pages. 

With Videly you’ll easily get to know how to rank on page 1 in 60 seconds on Google and/or YouTube and to attract many more visitors to your content.  

It’s very convenient for every marketer as it only involves three main and simple steps to help you in your ranking.

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